Seedbit Dice

Win up to 36 satoshi per hour


1. Click the "Go to roll" button.

2. Skip the AD that will be opened in a new page.

3. Click the roll button to earn your prize.

You can roll every 10 minutes (max 6 times per day).

You will have two dices and one operator, plus or times.

If you have plus, the points on the dices will be summed,

if you have a times, the points will be multiplied,

so the maximum prize is 36 satoshi.

Please be sure you are logged in before play.

Please be sure you are registered to before play.

Seedbit Dice is a bitcoin game that gives you satoshi as prize. Roll the dice and win up to 36 satoshi per hour.

You can claim up to 36 satoshi per hour and you can claim up to 10 times per day.

Seedbit Dice use platform for payments, so you need to have an account on that in order to receive your prize.

Please Note: you also need to be logged in before the claim.

Of course we have! We offer the 20% of referral commission for each claim made by the user registered using your referral link.

Please Note: you can see your referral link in your profile, by clicking on dashboard after you log in.

Please Note: Your referral link is valid for both faucet and dice game.

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