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In this section you can find all the news and updates about this site, concerning any type of modification, as changes to the faucet list or concerning the structure of the site.

31 Aug 2015

We have added some addictional info to our faucet list:
Now you can choose to sort the faucet list by minimum or maximum Satoshi amount.
In this way you can choose if you want the best secure earning or the best chance to take profit.

04 Aug 2015

We have added a new section that allow you an alternative way to earn bitcoins:
The Pay To Click section contains the best Pay To click sites.
Just register to these sites and visits some links to get your prize.

28 Jul 2015

We have added two new sections where you can find different types of faucets:
On the left, you will find the top performance faucets, i.e. faucet that offer more Satoshi or those with the less interval time.
On the right, you will find the faucets with the highest prizes, but to take them you'll need a bit of luck.

20 Jul 2015

We marked the faucets that did not fulfill the payments with the words "Not Paid Yet", and for this, for us it is as if they give 0 Satoshi, so you can find these faucets at the end of the list.
If someone has received payment from these faucet, please let us know via e-mail, and we will change the list.

19 Jul 2015

The first week of activity of this site is about to end, we have grown a lot and we are very happy to welcome our new users.
We have collected more than 70 faucets in a very few time, which is why physiological, if between them there will be someone which will not pay.
We are studying a system to minimize the possibility of faucet that do not pay and scam. Upcoming news about it will be posted on this page.
Meanwhile, today is Sunday, payday for many of them, and so we will find out soon whether any of these will pay or not.